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Every year college binge drinking takes a major toll on campuses throughout our nation.

Whether you work in a student counseling service, a student health service, or are a college professor we know that you are interested in looking out after the best interests of the students at your university. Helping students avoid problems with alcohol is a part of your job. The question is: What is the best way to do this?

Lecturing students on the evils of drink and the joys of abstinence are likely to be certain turnoffs which not only do not accomplish the intended effect, but which backfire and lead to even more college binge drinking.

The single most effective way to curb the harms of college binge drinking is through a harm reduction approach which recognizes that it is natural for some students to drink and for some to drink to intoxication. What needs to be prevented is not the drinking, nor even the intoxication, but rather the potential harm which can accompany careless and unplanned drinking and intoxication.

The College Student's Guide to Safe Drinking is a tool you can use to help eliminate these harms.

We also offer an online discussion group where educators and other university staff can gather and talk about the best ways to prevent the harms associated with the use of alcohol on campus.
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